Thursday, 29 April 2010

Starting with a joke...

So usually its best to open these things with a joke. I won't be doing that. Mainly because I'm really not that funny and secondly, I'm kind of writing this for me (and for my gf as she says I don't write enough) and I usually make her laugh by insulting her country (love you really hunny) there's no one left to really make laugh. So, I guess I'm doing this as an outlet to get a lot of plans and ideas off of my chest as opposed to keeping them in my head. At the moment, work on the Channel Awesome YouTube page has stalled because of other commitments. Between my current job, my own life and work for various members of TGWTG, its very VERY hard to find time to create trailers for the videos. I do intend to go back to making them, thought they'll probably be weekly announced trailers, which will hopefully start after the anniversary vids are all released. In the past week I've managed to edit Spine Breakers 9 , pen some of Sad Panda's Q&A episode 4, complete 2 title sequences for some cross overs that are coming up.

I'm also in possession of a brand new handy cam. Up until now, any appearance I've made in videos has been filmed on a digital camera. It gets the job done, but the quality has always been pretty shoddy and I've always wanted to branch out and do some other things now I feel a little more confident appearing on camera and using a digital camera with a 10 minute limit really wasn't going to help me with that. Ideas I've had buzzing around in my head for a while fall into a Doctor Who recap, looking at the most recent series for starters and another would be a look back at the weeks videos and comments from TGWTG, treating it with a slight satirical edge. It's something I'd really like to do but at the moment, it's finding the time to film that's causing the most problems. I'm set to record some of Q&A 3 tonight and film the rest tomorrow so hopefully it will be edited and posted tomorrow evening and then I can move on to the Cinema Snob video I've been trying to find time to do. Towards the end of May I've a 2 week holiday. It's just a shame I couldn't have that holiday now. It would really help me save some time. Especially as I usually work to my best in the night.

So, that's plans, signs and ideas. I'm fresh out now, in between installing new software and chatting to my best friend (*waves* Hi Jen) I think I've covered everything I can right now.

Over and out.

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  1. *Waves back*

    Hi, Math.

    You, dear heart, work much too hard. But at least nobody can call you lazy. :P